Design Meets Cellulose project receives large strategic research opening grant from Tekes

By August 29, 2013News

Aalto University is part of the Design Driven Value Chains in the World of Cellulose project, which received nearly 3 million euros in funding during the Tekes Large Strategic Research Openings application round.

This project takes a new approach to utilising wood-based cellulose. The goal is to make design and design processes part of strategic business development for companies in the industry, and to make Finland a brand name in terms of refined cellulose-based products. The project involves students in the design process and seeks opportunities outside of current technologies, for example, in design, consumer products and technical textiles. The project will facilitate the creation of a business ecosystem to serve existing industries and the new growing cellulose-based industry.

The responsible project leader at Aalto University is Professor Janne Laine, but several research groups from the Schools of Chemical Technology, Science, and Arts, Design and Architecture are contributing to the project. In addition to Aalto University, other participants are VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology. Initial project planning was based on visions developed by Aalto University students and presented in the CHEMARTS 2012 project.

Researchers in strategic research openings serve as business life visionaries. The projects are expected to reform Finnish business life and to create new growth sectors.

The funding decisions made at this time target the first phase of the strategic research opening.  Continued funding will be determined according to the achievement of project targets.

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