You can find CHEMARTS research and student work in several research outputs and publications. Below are some publication highlights, including CHEMARTS’ own Cookbook.

Materialising the Future book cover

Materialising the Future: A Learning Path to Understand, Develop and Apply Emerging Materials and Technologies

An open access book called Materialising the Future details an innovative approach to teaching and designing emerging materials and technologies.

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Material Health: Design Frontiers book cover

Material Health: Design Frontiers

A book defining the field of Material Health brings together multi-disciplinary experts to explore critical topics and healthier, equitable ways to move forward in the context of the climate crisis. This must-read book also features Aalto CHEMARTS work.

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The CHEMARTS Cookbook

The award-winning cookbook showcases the most interesting explorations focusing on raw materials that are processed either chemically or mechanically from trees or other plants: cellulose fibres, micro- or nano-structured fibrils, cellulose derivatives, lignin, bark and wood extractives.

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CHEMARTS Summer School 2012–2020

Since 2012 CHEMARTS has organized an interdisciplinary Summer School for Aalto University students. As a part of the course in 2012–2020, all results were documented in catalogues designed by participant(s).

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Lost in the Wood(s): new Biomateriality in Finland cover

Lost in the Wood(s): New Biomateriality in Finland

In this award-winning and visually enchanting book, top science, business and design professionals give a good glimpse of the emerging New Biomateriality movement in Finland. This sold-out book features Aalto CHEMARTS work and stories.

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