ChemArts forms a vital part of alumnus Andreas Lindberg’s career path 

Participating in the inaugural Aalto ChemArts summer school was a remarkable experience for Andreas strengthening his collaboration and communication skills for his future career in innovative materials technologies. 

In 2012 Andreas was finishing his Master of Science (Technology) under Professor Tapani Vuorinen’s guidance. Professor Vuorinen was also one of the key figures starting the ChemArts collaboration between Aalto CHEM and Aalto ARTS.  

“I was very interested in the new initiative. Before ChemArts, I had studied a minor study module at Aalto Sustainable Global Technologies programme (Aalto SGT), so I was already into cross-disciplinary studies. Therefore, ChemArts was a perfect continuation for me.” 

The first ChemArts summer school cohort consisted of three Aalto ARTS and three Aalto CHEM students. Andreas, from Aalto CHEM, worked with others on the Design Meets Cellulose project. Many preconceptions about designers vs engineers were erased early in the project as Andreas and others realised how rewarding working with people with different strengths and skills could be. In addition, the team examined foundational ideas of cross-disciplinary material research. Some of these findings were further developed and are still used in today’s ChemArts studies. 

After joining Aalto University for the second time in 2015-16, now as a PhD student, Andreas contributed to the ChemArts program as a tutor. He says working with students from multiple backgrounds on biomaterial innovation was fascinating.  

“I enjoyed most the company and the expertise of my ChemArts colleagues, and the connections made during ChemArts from all over the world. Experimenting completely freely with biomaterials was another major plus that will always stay with me—the curiosity to step a little outside the most beaten path.”  

ChemArts gave Andreas incredible insight into new ways of working together and helped to open his mind to see beyond the traditional science and engineering perspective. 

Currently, he works as a project manager and ecosystem specialist at Spinverse—a Finnish innovation consultancy company headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo. He finds working at the forefront of future innovations highly inspirational. 

“I have been working at Spinverse for five years, working with many Finnish and European innovation projects, mainly related to biomaterials and sustainable industrial processes, technologies, and solutions. My key role is to help my clients drive innovation forward for a more sustainable and better world. This is mainly done by securing public funding for innovative R&D projects throughout Europe.”  

Andreas encourages Aalto CHEM students to be open to unknown and not-so-traditional influences. 

“Be open to artistic expression, simple and even potentially stupid questions, and uncertainty in your activities. Enjoy the entire process, not just the results. 

“If multidisciplinary biomaterial experimentation and learning from people with very different backgrounds to your own are even slightly intriguing to you, do not hesitate for one second, but take part in Aalto ChemArts.” 

Andreas looks forward to continuing to work closely with sustainable innovations and building ecosystems in the future.   

“I do my best to enable the change for the better—while collaborating with as many smart people as possible.”  

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Andreas Lindberg

Andreas Lindberg in 2017. Photo by Eeva Suorlahti.

Floral material samples

CHEMARTS work was not only focusing on cellulose – the beauty of nature was also highly appreciated in all activities, and a wide range of natural materials were of interest to the students and the researchers.

CHEMARTS material samples and research publications on display in Japan.

Andreas wrote about his CHEMARTS experience to the Lost in the Woods: New Biomateriality in Finland book. The work of CHEMARTS was exhibited by Andreas Lindberg in the The 4th International Cellulose Conference, October 17-20, 2017, Kyushu University School of Medicine, Fukuoka, Japan. Photo: Andreas Lindberg