Designs for a Cooler Planet: Behind bioinnovations exhibition

By September 5, 2023Exhibitions, News
Yellow background with white net-like pattern on it. Design by Sonja Dallyn.

Where: Kipsari gallery, Väre, ground floor, Aalto University, Otaniementie 14, 02150 Espoo

Collaboration as the key to success.

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center creates and produces new knowledge and innovations that help the transition towards bio and circular economy, focusing on innovations in sustainable bio-based materials. The Behind Bioinnovations exhibition showcases learnings and tangible outcomes of interdisciplinary collaboration, placing the spotlight on the process behind sustainable, bio-based material innovations the Bioinnovation Center is known for.

Image: Design by Sonja Dallyn.

The exhibition consists of two parts:

  1. How does innovative collaboration happen in practice? What is needed? How to organize it? What does it require from an individual to work successfully in this kind of interdisciplinary project/research? These crucial topics remain mainly in the shadow of published results.  We visualize the multi-faceted interdisciplinary collaboration behind the Bioinnovation Center.
  2. Separate displays of 6 existing research projects (Research | Aalto University) in the field of sustainable textiles and packaging + prototypes/material samples are exhibited.