The ‘Design Driven Value Chains in the World of Cellulose” (DWoC) project was initially inspired by the CHEMARTS summer project carried out at Aalto University 2012, where the multidisciplinary team of technology and design students created for example the concepts of ‘World of Cellulose’ and ‘Luxurious Cellulose Finland’. The ideas were further developed with professors and scientists from VTT and Aalto University and the joint research program on cellulose was initiated. The DWoC concept is based on the combination of design thinking and design driven prototyping to a strong technology development competence. By combining these strengths together, DWoC aims to facilitate and support the development of the Finnish cellulose ecosystem in the future.

The first phase of the DWoC project (Tekes strategic funding 1.6.2013 – 31.3.2015) has successfully been carried out. The partners were VTT, Aalto University and TUT.

DWoC 2.0 started 1.4.2015 and will continue until 31.3.2018.  The partners for the second phase of this project are Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and University of Vaasa.

Presentation of the DWOC 2013–2015 (PDF)